School Assessments and Reports

Annual Report Card Information Letter

The annual District and School Report Card has now been posted to our website
Please note that many fields have no information on the report card due to the number of students in the grade being less than ten. If their information was reported, it could violate the privacy of student information protection as prescribed in the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

On this Report Card you will find Information on:

English Language Arts, Math, and Science State Testing Information
This information shows the results of grades 3 through 8 and grade 11 assessment results in each area (if more than ten students were assessed in that grade) and also how that compares to the State’s average scores. You can also see how certain groups performed (again, if ten or more students).
You can see the number of students tested and at what level they performed (Level 4 Distinction, Level 3 Met Standard, Level 2 Partially Met Standard and Level 1 Did Not Meet Standard).

Federal/State Accountability Data:

This information tells whether the district met the participation target (% of students that should be taking the test) and the proficiency target (% of students who performed at Level 3 and 4). You can also find the attendance rate target and how our students performed compared to the target.
On the high school report card (grade 11) you can see the graduation rate target and how our students performed compared to the target.

Qualifications of Teachers:

You can find out what types of degrees our teachers have, if there are teachers with emergency or conditional certifications to teach and if there are any core academic classes that don’t have a highly qualified teacher. Highly qualified teachers have certifications from the State in the subject are and/or grade level in which they teach.
National Assessment of Educational Progress
Here you will find information about how grade four or grade eight students in Maine performed as compared to the schools assessed across the nation with the NAEP English Language Arts/Literacy and math assessments (not all schools are tested—there is a sample of schools chosen every two years). If there is a symbol in any of the columns that means that the reporting standards were not met.