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Go tigers
Final Baseball Softball Schedule

If you click on the link above, you will find our final version of our baseball/softball schedule before the rain starts to wreak havoc.

Thu Apr 04 08:00 AM

MS Girls
Updated Baseball and Softball Schedule

With the loss of Greenville and Temple baseball teams, we have had to adjust our schedule. If you click on the link above, you will find our most up-to-date baseball/softball schedule.

Wed Mar 27 10:30 AM

Orange Out
Weekend Sports Update

Over the weekend our MS teams played Athens and Carrabec. The Tigers came up short in each of the contests, but we had a couple of great games against Carrabec. Keep trying guys! Reminder: The varsity teams host Carrabec tomorrow night at 5 PM, don't forget to wear your orange Forest Hills gear! The MS teams travel to Madison for a 4 PM start as well. On Saturday, 1/27th our varsity teams will host Greenville. This will be our Senior Night, where we will honor our senior athletes who have competed in winter and fall sports. The ceremony will take place in between games. The boys will be playing first and the girls will follow.

Sun Jan 21 11:01 AM


silhouette fahter daughter dancing
NHS Parent Dance

The 2024 NHS Parent Dance tickets are on sale! Click for more details!

Tue Apr 09 01:43 PM

TIGER DEN - Feel good stories of our school!

Student with winter clothes and "snowhawk"
Snowy day playground fun!

The fresh snow made recess a little bit more fun ! Be sure to see the gallery of photos !

Mon Dec 04 12:28 PM

Deputy doing math racer
Deputy McMillin Scores 100%

Deputy Mcmillin joins 4th grade for math time...

Tue Nov 14 08:57 AM



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